First Time's A Charm

There’s a First Time for Everything

I’ve been contemplating a blog for quite some time, but often wondered what on earth I had to say that other people would want to read. I mean, my life definitely has a lot of crazy and exciting heading its way, but I didn’t want my blog to turn into a Sweet Valley High “Dear Diary” type of journal.

Then I took a step back and evaluated why my life is entering a phase of crazy and exciting, and realized that it’s because there are so many big Firsts coming my way: getting married, buying a home, heading down a (semi) new career path. . . . .

The more I thought about it, the more it dawned on me that these big Firsts each involved many smaller Firsts and each of those involved even more tiny Firsts. In fact, I bet each one of us experiences several Firsts throughout every day — a new restaurant or type of food, a song you’ve never heard, a different route home from work — that are often taken for granted.

Which brings us back to this blog. It is my intention to share my Firsts with you — movies, restaurants, travels, books, songs and just plain ole’ life experiences. I hope that in doing so, I will inspire each of you to look at the day-to-day actions of your lives and appreciate the things that create your story.

I may provide some opinions or reviews that you don’t agree with and that’s ok. I invite all of my readers to leave comments and engage in conversation with me. I hope you’ll also share some of your Firsts with me.

And that, my friends, is my First post to this blog.

– Jessica